Anmore Residence

The Vision

We were asked to renovate a one acre property that had been badly neglected. The client wanted us to create an inviting ornamental garden that blended into a beautiful woodland backdrop.

The Obstacles

Drainage was a problem on this property because of the water running off the mountainside and the compaction of the ground caused by the existing driveway. The lower bank of the property was full of old timbers and completely overgrown with blackberry bushes. Finally, we needed to clear the area around the natural pond to re-establish it as a new woodland garden.

The Results

Working closely with the client, we created new garden beds, renovated old garden beds, built a natural fire pit and installed turf around the home.

We cut a winding walkway down the lower bank and across the property, leading to the water feature. This created a space to sit and experience the nature within the property.