Deep Cove Stone Garden

What was asked of us

To create a new garden for a family of five that was functional and inviting. The garden would be used for entertaining friends and family, and as a space to relax during the family’s down time.

The obstacles

Much of the garden was built above a sloping rock that supported the foundation for the home. There was a small natural spring running through the back yard which made for poor drainage in the garden. This spring needed to be redirected to allow for a new 8’ x 140’ structural retaining wall to support the garden from the neighbouring property.

The final product

The curvilinear design allowed for a cozy seating area with a fire pit off the cantilevered deck and a hot tub perched above the garden with views of the mountains. A new yew hedge and flagstone path was installed down the property line to provide privacy from the neighbours.

Finishing touches include a new driveway, a dry riverbed and landscape lighting throughout.