Deep Cove Woodland Garden

What was asked of us

We were asked to bring this project home for the client. The client had been undergoing renovations for quite some time and he decided to take a break and do the landscaping at a later date. They requested a new driveway, access throughout the steeply banked property and to develop some sitting areas that allowed provided an opportunity to be in nature.

The obstacles

This was a steep site. We had to install over 60 slabs or rough, randomly shaped stone treads to allow one to make their way up the banks. The landscape contained native cherries, conifers, and woodland perennials. With this in mind, we decided the best approach here was to work with nature instead of against it.

The final product

This special garden is reminiscent of a walk in the forest in the Gulf Islands of B.C. All woodland garden beds follow the natural grade and their soil horizons were carefully amended with West Coast Farms Premium Garden soil.

Garry oakes, pacific arbutus, sword ferns, mahonia, pacific bleeding heart, trillium, salal, fairy slipper and chocolate lily are only a part of this palate of Pacific West Coast plants.