East Vancouver Character Home

The Vision

After a number of trips the England to explore the Chelsea Flower ShowI decided to develop my first conceptual garden on my own property.

I wanted to create a yin yang pond to symbolize balance in life.

The tree in line with the water feature symbolizes life and the energy given out by the world. This energy flows outwards as water.

The black globe symbolizes how this concept impacts us all. The black wood stakes curving around the feature is a reference for my love of the ocean.

The obstacles

The grades were critical for the water feature to flow successfully. We needed to ensure that it would not overflow, while being mindful that the water needed to pass through the slots cut into the stone at a speed significant enough to become a visual feature.

The Result

I finished the garden with the low lying perennials penisetum, huchera, and miscanthus. I added some structure with pink roses, spiraea and a beautiful cornus ‘stellar white.’ The side garden included a mix of perennials for sun and shade and contained some random rectilinear cut granite.

In the backyard, I followed a curvilinear design with a cobble and pea-gravel driveway, a seating area for my tenants and I renovated the shed for my garden and carpentry tools.

After a few years I decided that I wanted more of a functional space to sit and have coffee in the morning. I filled the water feature in and developed a seating area as seen in the first images of this project.