Jericho Residence

What was asked of us

This project was special because it was the first post London and Inchbald project we landed and it was for a contemporary home which was going to allow us to stretch our wings as a landscape design company. The client was willing to spend the money on a very fresh look that matched the home on one of the most sought after streets to buy property in Vancouver.

The obstacles

The City of Vancouver asked for us to apply for a separate development permit for the landscape because of the follow reasons: the amount of concrete used to retain the property, the bright colours used which needed to be approved by the neighbours, the elevation changes, the architectural structures throughout, and the use of fencing on top of perimeter walls on both sides of the property.

We needed permission from the engineering department to build concrete walls overtop of the Sewage Right of Way. After many revisions with the client and the City of Vancouver, we had a permit in hand and were ready to search for the right sub-contractors to build various parts of the project.

The final product

This landscape reminds us of a race car: minimal, clean, bold and streamlined. All the angles line up perfectly and for those who love concrete and bold colours to contrast this is one that is sure to stand out for years.