Donohoe Design is an award-winning Vancouver-based landscape design and management firm that offers a unique mix of both principal design and full project management services to clients. Founded by designer, Ryan Donohoe, the firm’s success is rooted in Donohoe’s commitment to honouring his clients in the landscapes he creates.

His ability to adapt his unorthodox approach and international influences to a variety of properties and personalities has allowed him to work on a number of diverse sites and projects. From ultra-contemporary homes in West Vancouver to lush suburban acreages in Surrey, Donohoe creates highly bespoke, personalized environments—hand-selecting materials and custom building almost every detail in the design.

Since its founding in 2012, Donohoe Design has been at the helm of a fast-growing number of high-end residential landscapes in British Columbia collaborating with partners like architect Tyler Schmidt, designer Scott Ponso, Open Space Architecture and The Tavan Group.  After seven years in business—honing a unique graphic style and finding success in a business model that provides full spectrum accountability to clients—Donohoe Design is winning projects from large and established competitors across the province.

Ryan Donohoe

Founder, Principal Landscape Designer

Ryan Donohoe studied horticulture in British Columbia and Landscape Design at the prestigious, London-based Inchbald School of Design.

Donohoe creates what he describes as ‘a linear language’ that is unique to each site. This language of repeated forms, angles and meticulous detailing provides context and continuity between his design and the existing site architecture and surrounding topography. He develops this stylized language through a lengthy process of discovery with his clients. Understanding their needs and their dreams; their past and present; how they feel when they touch certain materials; where they choose to sit when entering a room; their childhood home; their favourite artists—all of this informs how he transforms landscapes into lived and living canvases that grow and evolve with the people who live in them.

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Suffusing functionality with art, Donohoe’s signature style incorporates strong graphic and architectural elements contrasted with loose, matrix planting where varieties grow gracefully into one another. His guiding philosophy on sustainability is simple: Right place, Right plant. This means that the selection and placement of plant material takes into account the resources it needs to survive and is placed where it will require the least amount of maintenance for it to remain in optimum condition. He practices preservation over excavation where possible and educates his clients on maintenance and pruning practices to keep their landscapes vibrant.

Monica Candy

Operations Manager

Monica Candy has 20+ years experience in Business Management and Organizational Development. Energized by art and design, she translates the vision of her colleagues into the processes and systems that bring that vision to life.

Specializing in business analysis, project management, process improvement and people potential techniques, she uses efficiency and innovation to improve workflow, timelines and satisfaction for employees and clients alike. Influenced by theories of interpersonal neurobiology and positive psychology, Monica builds operational systems that foster growth for the creative, the individual and the organization.

Jessica Oakes – MBCSLA

Partner, Landscape Architect

Jessica Oakes received her Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh— one of Britain’s most distinguished landscape architecture programs. She brings a host of international influences to her work and process. Since her graduation in 2009, she has been honing her skills in field and is mastering the planning and applications process of landscape architecture through working with municipalities and their communities.

As a partner at Donohoe Design, she is a key decision maker and manager of client relationships. She sees projects from construction to completion through effective management of contractors and consultants. She enjoys being part of a continuous creative process that creates spaces for community and family to come together.

Mahsa Azari – BCSLA Intern

Landscape Designer

Mahsa is a landscape designer whose professional development has been influenced by a strong personal interest in entwining architecture with the earth in extraordinary ways. Her design approach is driven by the belief that in order to elevate the human experience of landscape, a successful design should embrace sculptural and sensual qualities with precise attention to details. After earning a Master of Environmental Design, Mahsa received her Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of British Columbia to pursue her passion to find creative solutions to design challenges.

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Mahsa has spent several years working on single-family residential projects prior to joining Donohoe Design. She enjoys providing clients with aesthetically outstanding and contextually sensitive landscapes that connect them with their space.

She draws inspiration in her work by realizing the conceptual design through exploring and taking cues from nature.

Jarrod Kilner

Landscape Designer

Jarrod is a versatile landscape designer who brings more than a decade worth of experience from concept design through to construction documentation of landscape projects in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.  His portfolio spans a variety of scales and typologies including private residences, multi-family housing, playgrounds, public parks, urban squares, commercial sites, and streetscapes. He strives to create strong, contemporary, enduring outdoor spaces that are anchored to the essential qualities of each site while reflecting the personality of his clients.

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Jarrod graduated in 2004 with a Diploma in Landscape Design in his home country of New Zealand.

Laura McMurran – BCSLA Associate


Laura grew up in Northern BC, where she developed her love of nature through her family’s camping adventures.  Her connection to nature is the foundation of her horticultural work, where she strives to create thoughtful and thriving landscapes that reveal their beauty throughout the seasons.

Laura’s career began in architecture after completing her studies at the University of Calgary with a Master of Architecture with Honours.  Throughout her time in architecture, Laura was able to hone her intuitive sense of design, to develop her eye for balance and composition and to explore her creativity. 

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Her career naturally evolved from architecture to landscape design and specifically into landscape horticulture because it combines her passion for design and nature.  Always a believer in continuing education, Laura pursued her horticulture training and education at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden.  Laura’s horticultural practice is informed by her diverse range of knowledge, skills and experiences.  She has a keen eye for detail, and she uses her creativity to infuse a sense of whimsy and delight into her work. 

Laura is happiest when sharing her passion for plants, discussing their unique qualities and fascinating habits.  You can usually find her with a handful of flowers, cuttings or a bundle of twigs that were just too beautiful to be sent to the compost bin.  In her downtime, she will usually be bicycling through the city, singing in her community choir group, or stopping to smell the flowers.

Karin England – MBCSLA

Landscape Architect

Like many landscape professionals, Karin England’s connection to the land grew from a childhood spent romping through the great outdoors. An award-winning designer, she strives to provide people with engaging, sustainable outdoor spaces that enrich their lives. She is an accomplished practitioner and educator, with a Masters in both Teaching and Landscape Architecture.

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With over 10 years of professional practice, Karin is a frequent collaborator with Donohoe Design. She has experience working at many scales—from campus master plans, commercial and institutional developments, to residential projects. She has served on the City of North Vancouver’s Advisory Design Panel, and is active as a lecturer and design critic.

Alexandre Ruiz

Visual Designer

Educated in São Paulo, Brazil, Alexandre Ruiz is a self-taught graphic artist with 21 years of experience in architectural landscape visualization and animation. He observes nature for inspiration and is always seeking to expand his knowledge and use of new technologies to produce detailed and realistic digital environments. Through his work, every plan and idea can be masterfully visualized and realized in 3-D animation. He enjoys complexity and professional rigour in the work he does.


Violet has only been working with Donohoe Design for a short time, but has proven to be a true connoisseur of landscape design. Specifically, she enjoys low flowering groundcovers (within bite range), and believes wholeheartedly in consistent aeration and irrigation of garden beds. Violet can usually be found in the office at Donohoe Design. Since her secretarial skills leave much to be desired, she focuses on greeting visitors and afternoon nap quality control.