Five landscape design tips for small backyards

Vancouver is known for its diverse neighbourhoods that each bring something special to the city. From the built up core of Downtown, to the trendy metropolis of Gastown, our West Coast city is thriving and developing – and fast. With new condos being built, larger garden space is becoming scarce and small backyards and patios are becoming even more common.

If you’re a renter or a homeowner in Vancouver, chances are you’ll want to make the most of your backyard – whatever space you have – and implement your own garden design ideas.

Here we examine five little known secrets of landscape design that can benefit those with small backyards.

Depth and reflection

When space is tight, think about how you can create the illusion of more space. By hanging mirrors and reflective surfaces throughout your small backyard, you’re able to make your space seem larger than it actually is.

Create a vertical herb garden

Vancouver is known for its love of good food. Many of us choose to cook delicious meals at home and cultivate our own crop of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. If you’re tight for space, why not consider a vertical built herb garden? Use wooden trellis, recycled cans, and butchers hooks to hang your pots and create a herb garden that saves space.

Using colour wisely can help make a small backyard seem larger.

Hang your plants

Hanging baskets might seem slightly outdated, but are fast becoming a way to enhance small backyards and those without much space. By utilizing this element of landscape design, hanging baskets can bring some much needed colour to areas of your garden. You could even consider creating some tiered baskets for maximum effect.

Create nooks of space

You don’t want your small backyard to seem cramped, by any means. However, by creating small nooks and corners of space you’re able to break up space and this creates a sense of larger size. Are you able to divide up furniture across the landscape? Would pockets of plants and flowers give the feeling of more space? Play around with nooks of space when discussing your landscape design plans with a designer.

Use colour wisely

By placing bright colors in your line of vision, small backyards will instantly feel bigger. Why? Because the focus will be on the bold use of colour, allowing the rest of the garden to recede and help it feel like there’s a larger amount of space.

Landscape design for small backyards doesn’t have to be complex. By knowing a few tricks of the trader, small backyards can seem more spacious and give their users a sense of larger space.