Our unique three stage landscape design process shapes our methodology, creating beautiful results for our clients.


During the discovery phase of our landscape design process, Donohoe Design will gain a deeper understanding of your life, your needs and how you connect with your current surroundings.

We will organize a site visit to walk the landscape and discuss your initial design ideas. We’ll actively listen to you and take notes so that we can create a proposal tailored to your needs.

Once a contract has been signed we will set up a time to introduce you to your designer, and hold a design brief. This is where we will ask you some questions to learn more about you and discuss budgets, scope and timeline.

Back at the office our design team will discuss ways to realize your vision, while considering the opportunities and obstacles of your landscape, before moving onto the design phase.


In this phase, we will sit down with you to review the design possibilities. Together, we will develop a design that you love. Our proposal will indicate which detailed designs you will require for construction or permitting.

Every landscape varies in scale and complexity. Each landscape will require a specific set of plans to allow us to create budgets, tender, and to manage the construction of your project. Some of the plans and drawings that we typically create for our clients are site, planting, impermeable surface, lighting, fill and grading plans; elevation and cross section drawings; architectural detailed drawings and 3D models.

In order to determine your final budget, we select the most suitable contractors to bid on various aspects of the project to generate a competitive and comprehensive bid. Once you are happy with the design plans, contractors, and budget, we will move on to discussing how we can bring your landscape design plans to life in the development phase.


Our extensive construction experience makes us one of the most sought after landscape development firms in Greater Vancouver — clients consistently request that we stay on and construct their projects.

We want to ensure the installation of your landscape is professionally carried out. This is why we prefer to manage the development process. Because we created the designs, we know the details best and can easily answer any questions that you or a sub-trade might have.

Our clients appreciate how passionate we are about the end result — because when it comes down to it, we’re artists and your landscape is our canvas.