South Surrey Family Home

The Vision

This suburban acreage is home to a family of four. Our design and execution transformed an unfinished landscape with poor drainage and poor soil into an elegant and gated outdoor space that functions for the whole family. An extended wood deck, a hot tub, fire pit and built in barbeque with concrete countertops is surrounded by a sprawling lawn that maximizes children’s play and parent relaxation.

Bright, bold colours are the client’s favourite and Crocosmia, Rudbeckia and Hellebores were planted to get a variety of complementary colours and textures throughout the seasons. Layered perennials look neat in organized garden beds around the home. Tall, orange planters illuminate the landscape at night for dramatic effect and a Robinia tree with bright yellow leaves will grow up to 100 feet tall providing scale to the property as time passes.

Most importantly on this project, we merged ecology and economy by choosing to preserve the woodland space that surrounds the home. We hired an arborist and a landscaper to weed, prune and cultivate the woodland back to health. With meandering pathways that lead through the yard and deep into the woodland, the entire landscape is a place to wander and get lost in your dreams.

May 2017

South Surrey, British Columbia